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IDEAL-MAXI hose clamps

  • Robust applications
  • Greatest tightening torques
  • Wide clamping ranges
  • Easy to use
  • Diameter from 60 mm
  • Customer requirements determine maximum diameter

All product data

Article number
IDEAL-MAXI hose clamps (W120M08)
  • Galvanised (W1)
  • Clamping range (d min. – d max): 105 – 130 mm

W1 20 M08
When choosing the right IDEAL-MAXI hose clamp, it is important first to establish which environmental conditions are expected and also what the requirements are regarding corrosion resistance. The material qualities available range from zinc-plated clamps with the designation W1 to IDEAL-MAXI clamps made of chrome nickel steel with the designation W5.

The next step involves establishing the external diameter of the connecting elements. The 3-character designation denotes the largest diameter for which each IDEAL-MAXI hose clamp is designed. This also denotes the internal diameter of the IDEAL-MAXI hose clamp as supplied. All IDEAL-MAXI hose clamps have a large clamping range. The closely graduated IDEAL-MAXI range allows for the assembly time, i.e. the screwing operation required to adjust the diameter, to be kept as short as possible and the overhang of the band end to be limited.

Finally, the required clamping force has to be determined and also the contact pressure that is appropriate for the relevant hose connection. How robust does the IDEAL-MAXI hose clamp have to be for the specific application?

Clamping range
Type from (min. Ø in mm ) to (max. Ø  in mm)
M05 60 80
M06 70 90
M07 90 120
M08 105 130
M09 122 157
M10 142 177
M11 167 202
M12 192 227
M13 217 252
M14 242 277
M15 267 302
M16 292 327
Material qualities

All components made of zinc-plated steel. Low level of corrosion resistance. CrVI-free

  • Band: Steel, zinc-plated
  • Casing: Steel, zinc-plated
  • Screw: Steel, zinc-plated, blue passivated
  • Screw head type: slotted hex head screw SW 13 mm with integrated Phillips head

All components made of chrome-nickel molybdenum steel (1.4401) (V4A). Highest level of corrosion resistance (seawater resistant). Highly magnetisable.

  • Band: Steel, zinc-plated 1.4401
  • Casing: Steel, zinc-plated 1.4401
  • Screw: Steel, zinc-plated, blue passivated 1.4305
  • Screw head type: slotted hex head screw SW 13 mm
Band dimensions


Band thickness 1.50 mm
A 1.50 mm thick band steel with the IDEAL-MAXI hose clamp provides for a secure screw and band guidance for the transmission of a high clamping force. As a result, the greatest breaking torques are achieved at the same time at low-level idle torques. In combination with the comparatively low-level friction and the worm drive, this results in a high clamping force.

Threaded bands:

Band thickness 1.00 mm
A band thickness of 1.00 mm allows for the transmission of a greater clamping force, which derives from the particularly stable design of the engraved thread (which has been specially adapted to suit the special screw thread). At the same time, the selected materials ensure a high level of elasticity and therefore a good interlocking attachment with the external diameter of the hose.

Packaging unit / packaging material

IDEAL-MAXI hose clamps are bulk packed.

DIN standards
International norms and standards

DIN = Deutsches Institut für Normung
AISI = American Iron and Steel Institute
SS = Swedish Standard


Material DIN AISI / AS SS
W5 1.4401 316 2347



  • All components made of zinc-plated steel
  • Min. 72 hours to red rust


  • All components made of chrome-nickel molybdenum steel (V4A).
  • Min. 2,000 hours to red rust

Screw either with hex screw head SW13 mm or hex socket SW6 mm

The benefits for you

Fast delivery

Exceeds DIN 3017 standard

IDEAL Schlemper quality

Easy to assemble