Quality assurance

Quality that connects

IDEAL hose clamps meet the most stringent quality requirements, connecting superior technology and high clamping forces for universal application in all media-conveyance systems.


The smallest details of a hose clamp determine the quality of our products. We test them at all process steps and the results provide the data for the continuous improvement of primary products, the machinery used and the processes. The shared responsibility for top quality unites our employees in their dedication to a high level of reliability across the entire output, which is expressed in product and delivery quality.

Quality assurance starts with our production processes and includes the constant monitoring of machines, tools and devices that are connected to the collection of and compliance with pre-defined set values.

Internal audits are carried out just as regularly as the audits at our supplier premises. Quality and keeping our promise are the bedrock of the partnership with our customers. If goes without saying that we also meet the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2015: our company has been certified for many years now by TÜV Rheinland (Technical Inspection Authority).

Highest standards of quality

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