Prefabricated components

We provide state of the art manufacturing processes for specific requirements.


Screws and casings, as components in a number of different versions, are prefabricated as are all the band elements for special products.

We use modern, high-performance machinery for forming. Systematic process monitoring, in addition to our own tool expertise, ensures a uniform geometry.

Burr-free stamped parts

Applying our in-house expertise in stamping and forming technology, we produce a variety of casings in a follow-on composite, high precision process, which are ensured a burr-free external contour in subsequent process phases.

Laser welding technology

We achieve a high resistance levels in our casings and hose clamps due to the use of modern laser welding technology.

Tandem presses

Virtually any clamp diameter can be produced using flexible tandem presses in response to customer-specific requirements.