Fully automated assembly

Automated manufacturing processes

State of the art technology is used for the automated and sequential assembly of hose clamps.


We manufacture the majority of our hose clamps within an automated manufacturing process using Bihler stamping and forming machines and our own proprietary tools and equipment. 

The integrated process with band, screws and casings feed is monitored at all stages of the process; data are collected and used to control the machines. The technology applied ensures a high level of process efficiency and precision. It is synonymous with a consistently high standard of product quality.

Special clamps and special requirements

Our own proprietary assembly machines allow for the flexible adaptation to geometric requirements of bespoke products. A sequential assembly sequence enables us to meet product and order requirements to the highest standard.

Small and large series

This different combination allows us to react quickly and flexibly to the varying quantities required. We combine both products already in stock and customer-specific bespoke products to create an overall solution. Our production is controlled by linking stocks and customer orders.