Company profile

Our recipe for success: Quality, dedication and experience

With our products, we have been delivering solutions for challenging tasks since 1935, asserting our technological leadership with customers on the domestic and international markets.


We established ourselves as reliable experts for connection technology over 65 years ago with the start-up of our hose clamp production, and we have continued to develop as a manufacturer of IDEAL-worm-drive clamps.




The reliability of our product and of our overall performance still provides that crucial customer benefit today. Development, manufacture and sales continue to come from a single source. Our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to a product that appears unremarkable only at first sight. We are fighting for that difference in quality and customer support and our performance is proving persuasive. We deal in knowledge, experience and passion as THE connection partner for our customers.



After almost 80 years at our founding location in the centre of the town of Velbert, we relocate not too far away to our new manufacturing plant with its new opportunities, an optimised production layout and a considerable level of operational and strategic freedom.



We celebrate our 75th anniversary. The key to our success in the past should also inform our future: close collaboration based on partnership with our customers and the users of connection technology, for whom a high level of product and performance quality, a quick-responding and reliable partner and the support of professionals in hose clamp technology are vital. We hope to celebrate many more anniversaries based on the ideals of our actions.



Customer and application-focused improvements to our products result in the continuous expansion of our product range, both standard clamps and special products. Expertise and experience together with the use of cutting-edge machinery provides the basis for the best possible product quality, a high level of flexibility and delivery reliability. Increased productivity is in the foreground, leading to a change in our organisational structure.



The interaction with key customers as partners to our company strengthens the focus of our sales activities on machine and plant engineering with challenging connection tasks and on the specialised technical trade providing support. From the very start, our core strength in our partnership with customers has been, in addition to the product, our high level of supply capability and quick reaction times, combined with very good availability of our wide range of products.



Our presence at trade fairs in Germany and abroad produces new customer relations. The profile of the company grows in line with market demands. At the same time, IDEAL hose clamps continue to evolve. Expiring patents and new manufacturing technology provide both challenges and opportunities for products and production. Superior clamping forces, low-level internal friction and optimised contours and materials continue to be the main objectives in our development work.  Investment in automated stamp / forming welding machines, developed in conjunction with renowned mechanical engineering companies, provide stunning results.



The number of clamps produced annually increases rapidly. This growth advances the mechanisation of manufacturing earlier than expected, ensuring the in-house design of new machines again and again. Our production space grows thanks to the integration of adjacent buildings and a second plant nearby in the centre of Velbert. Strengthening the number of core staff with a many home workstations becomes inevitable and follows the labour market situation of the day. The clamp family continues to grow, adding larger nominal diameters, the new band widths 5 mm and 20 mm and stainless steel versions. The first applications outside of hose technology are a challenge for our engineers and deliver valuable insights into accessing further potential for universal worm-drive technology.



The focus of our activities shifts to the development and manufacture of worm-drive hose clamps. The start-up of our worm-drive hose clamp manufacture is also the start of our concentration on a product range whose success is based on premium quality and a new type of design using a non-stamped thread. Patents boost dynamics to the benefit of new products but to the detriment of the rest of the production range.